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[   ]1 What associates to you with Simpel.docx2013-02-14 15:03 13K 
[   ]2.Describe the emotions this campaign generates in you.docx2013-02-14 15:03 11K 
[   ]3.Name some positivenegative elements that you noticed in this commercial.docx2013-02-14 15:03 11K 
[   ]4.Evaluate this campaign in a scale of 1 to 7.docx2013-02-14 15:03 11K 
[   ]5.What was the message behind this campaign.docx2013-02-14 15:03 11K 
[   ]6. To whom this campaign is targeted to.docx2013-02-14 15:03 11K 
[   ]7.Describe the celebrities used in this commercial.docx2013-02-14 15:03 11K 
[   ]8.Evaluate the celebrities in ascale of 1 to 7.docx2013-02-14 15:03 11K 
[   ]9.Has the campaign achieved its goals.docx2013-02-14 15:03 11K 
[   ]10.How has this campaign changed your attidude towards this brand.docx2013-02-14 15:03 11K 
[   ]Statistika Simpel.xlsx2013-02-14 15:03 42K 

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